Vacations During Inflation: 6 RV Tips for Saving Money

Inflation has everything on the rise – including traveling! Don’t despair, though. Traveling in a new or used RV can still save you thousands of dollars on your getaways over taking more conventional vacations. Still, if you’re looking to travel on a budget, we can help. Here are a few RV tips for saving money while traveling!

Borrow Whatever You Can

If you’re heading to climates and terrains you don’t usually travel through, or if you’re new to RVing, you may be tempted to spend a lot of money on gear and equipment that you actually won’t end up using regularly. To save some money, check with other friends who camp and ask to borrow what you can – from hammocks to camp chairs to outdoor cooking gear.

RV Tips for Saving Money

Make Wise Investments

For the stuff that you do need to purchase, you can actually save more in the long run if you spend a bit more in the short term by purchasing higher quality gear. For instance, buying a $60 camp chair one time that lasts you years and years will cost you less than replacing a $15 camp chair 5 or 6 times over the next few summers.

Make a Meal Plan – and Commit!

The food budget is one of the easiest things to blow! One reason is that at the end of a long, fun day, it’s easy to talk yourself into going out to eat (again and again!), and those restaurant tabs will add up quickly. Make a meal plan and stick with it. Keep meals simple – start with a hearty breakfast to get the day started right, but simple sandwiches for lunch and classic camp dinners like burgers and hot dogs over the grill are easy and filling crowd-pleasures, as well as simple and fast to fix.  

RV Tips for Saving Money

Camp During the Week

Tourist attractions frequently offer off-season discounts as well as weekday discounts when there’s less visitor traffic. Save some money by purchasing admission on cheaper days, and take your weekend days to enjoy free activities – like nature hikes, an afternoon at the beach, or relaxing around the campsite.

RV Tips for Saving Money


You don’t have to camp in your driveway or backyard to enjoy the benefits of a cheaper vacation. Fuel prices only ever increase in the summer, and they’re already high now. One of my family’s favorite camping spots is only 30 minutes away from our home. Staying close to home allows you to save money on fuel as well as enjoy what your own home state has to offer and put money back into your own

Save Money on a New or Used RV

Another way to pocket the savings on your vacations is to shop with us for your new or used RV needs. We offer amazing savings every day on a great selection of RVs, so we can make it easy to find the right unit for your family – and at the right price thanks to our affordable RV financing offers. Stop in or contact us today – then haul home the savings!

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