RV Camping With Children

Family RV trips are a great way to make lasting memories together and show your children a world beyond their hometown. It’s a worthy endeavor, but it does pose unique challenges that you don’t encounter when 6b52c490-4127-462d-9c3f-834261378032 traveling in an adult-only group.

We’ve gathered up the following tips to make your RV camping with kids trip as smooth and stress-free as possible. If you want more travel tips or want to explore RVs for sale, visit Day Bros. RV Sales. Our dealership is located in London, Kentucky, and Lake Park, Georgia.

Make The Drive Fun

Many RV trips involve a long drive to the campsite. Adults may enjoy hours in the car letting their mind wander or catching up on their favorite podcast. Kids…not so much.

Remember that kids often have a much shorter attention span and will benefit from entertainment on the ride, such as:

  • watching their favorite movies
  • listening to a playlist they’ve created
  • listening to audiobooks from their favorite book series
  • playing games on their personal devices
  • tackling art projects, such as drawing or making friendship bracelets

You’ll also want to take plenty of breaks on the drive. Let everyone get out, breathe fresh air, stretch their legs, and enjoy a change of pace from sitting in a car.

Make The RV As Comfortable As Possible

Set everyone up for success by ensuring your RV camping experience is comfortable. When everyone gets enough sleep and feels at home in the RV, they’ll be able to enjoy the trip more.

Make sure that:

  • the temperature inside isn’t too hot or cold
  • the RV interior is dark at night
  • the beds are cozy with enough blankets (and complete with the favorite stuffed animals of younger children)
  • the kitchen is stocked with everyone’s favorite snacks

Maintain A Routine

Routines help everyone know what to expect and keep everyone on the same page. Try to mirror your at-home routine as much as possible. Keep regular bedtimes, mealtimes, and wake up times.

Don’t forget to plan time for the adults to relax after the kids go to bed. RV camping with children is wonderful, but it is also tiring. Give yourself time to recharge each evening so that you’ll be energetic and ready for adventure each morning.

Pick Kid-Friendly Adventures

Choose your destinations wisely. The more kid-friendly activities a destination offers, the more enjoyable the RV trip will be for your children. Seek out places that offer museums, parks, playgrounds, zoos, swimming pools, and so on. You can even involve your kids in the planning process. See where they would like to go and what they want out of an RV trip. Let every family member share their opinion, which you can use to plan the ideal trip for everyone.

Know Your Kids’ Limits

You may have the energy to hike or walk around a town for hours, but your kids might not. Plan your schedule with your kids’ energy levels and attention spans in mind. Then be willing to deviate when it’s obvious your kids could use a break or a nap! There’s no point pushing through to stay ‘on schedule’ when everyone’s tired and wouldn’t enjoy the planned activity anyways.

We hope you found this travel guide useful. For more advice or to shop RVs for sale, chat with the experts at Day Bros. RV Sales. We can assist you with whatever you need, from repairing your current camper to helping you find your next camper. We proudly serve those in Louisville and Lexington, KY, and Valdosta, GA.

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