Five Great Benefits of Owning an RV

With all the concerns around travel these days, from costs to convenience to safety, it’s no wonder that many people are choosing to forego more traditional means of travel and buy a recreational vehicle 347afdb9-3b27-4b77-b0a4-258cb105ae4a instead. RVs have come a long way from their inception and offer many of the same comforts of home with all the convenience you could want! In fact, many RVers love their trusty campers more than staying in the finest hotels.

Day Bros. RV Sales, with locations in London, Kentucky, and Lake Park, Georgia, is proud to be your local RV dealer. Here are just a few of the many benefits of owning an RV!

1. More Convenience

Don’t want to put in weeks of planning for a trip, making schedules and booking flights? Owning an RV means you can travel at the drop of a hat. If you don’t want to bother with reserving a campsite, you can fill up your freshwater tank and go boondocking (also called dry camping), where you use a generator for power and your holding tanks instead of campsite hook-ups. This lets you camp almost anywhere with no fuss! And reserving campsites is easy enough as well, since there are thousands of different RV campgrounds scattered across the country.

2. Higher Degree of Comfort

Your RV has all the comforts of home you’ll need because you’ve outfitted it expressly to your liking. You can avoid the stress of having to pack and unpack your items; everything just stays in your RV at all times, exactly where you left it. The kitchen, bathroom and bedroom give you the amenities you need to relax. You can choose your own decor, linens, dishware and toiletries to keep on your RV, and you can even stock your fridge and pantry with all of your favorite foods so you can eat how you would at home.

3. Improved Privacy

Don’t want to hear people stomping around above you or mingle with the masses? An RV is much more private so you can feel more secure. If you really want to get away from it all, camping out in the woods with your family or even by yourself in your RV is the perfect way to get the privacy and respite you need to recharge your batteries.

4. Lower Travel Costs

RVs are much more affordable over time because they pay for themselves as you travel in them. The more often you use your RV, the lower overall cost of your trips. Hotel rooms, rental cars, flights and dining out all add up quickly, and your RV lets you avoid every single one of these costs by providing you with your accommodations and means of transport in one convenient vehicle.

5. Better Than a Hotel

Due to their convenience, comfort, privacy and affordability, RVs are considered by many travelers to be preferable to staying in a hotel while traveling.

Want to sip your morning coffee and have breakfast in your pajamas? Your RV kitchen lets you prepare your bacon, eggs and toast in privacy so you don’t have to get all dressed up and head to a noisy dining room.

Don’t love the hefty weekend hotel prices? Choose an RV campsite with a low fee instead for a weekend getaway.

Afraid of other people’s germs and dirt? Your RV isn’t used by anyone else, so you can rest assured that everything is as clean as you make it! This is particularly important during these uncertain times when people are being much more cautious around sanitation and more averse to sharing space with strangers.

Need some specific creature comforts in order to sleep and relax? You get to choose the type of bedding, towels, soaps and climate control options in your RV to get your environment just right, rather than relying on a hotel room to have what you need.

Ready to check out some RVs? Browse our website to see the stock of new and used RVs available at our dealerships in London, KY, or Lake Park, GA. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you however we can, so ask all the questions you need to ask. Day Bros. RV Sales proudly serves the metropolitan areas of Louisville and Lexington, KY, as well as Valdosta, GA.

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