Don’t Miss This Perfect Camping Destination in Kentucky

Looking for a camping destination in Kentucky that’s perfect for the transition between summer and fall? Head to Mammoth Cave National Park! It’s an impressive and unforgettable natural wonder and a must-see getaway your whole family will love.  Hitch up your new or used RV and make plans to visit Mammoth Cave!

Camping Destination

The World’s Longest Known Cave System

Explore the longest known cave system in the entire world when you visit Mammoth Cave National Park! The cave system currently covers more than 400 miles and is under constant expansion as it continues to be explored!

Camping Destination

There are nearly 12 miles of underground caving trails to explore. Cave systems keep a constant temperature in the 50-degree range, so Mammoth Cave is a perfect place to visit year round – whether it’s in the dog days of summer or a cold and drizzly autumn afternoon. Plus, there are plenty of hiking trails, horseback riding, and many other above-ground activities to enjoy, as well. Learn more about what’s available here.

Caving Tours

Whether you’re an experienced spelunker or have never set foot underground, there’s something at Mammoth Cave for everyone!

Camping Destination

There are plenty of caving trails and tours that spread over a substantial range of accessibility and skill level: some cover mild and flatter terrain and are only about a quarter-mile long, while moderate to difficult trails can range up to 3 miles long. Caving tours can sell out, so it’s strongly recommended that you make reservations in advance. Find out more information here.

Camping at Mammoth Cave

Different RVs have different campground needs – and you’ll enjoy several RV camping options at Mammoth Cave National Park! Learn more here about each option and make your reservation at the one that best serves your needs.

Before You Go

As the season shifts from summer to fall, it’s a great idea to schedule a tune up with our RV service department just to keep your RV in road-ready condition. We’re a phone call away – contact us today!

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