About Forest River RVs

Forest River is a well-known name in the RV industry—and for good reason! This relative newcomer on the travel scene saw immediate success due to the quality and innovative design of their campers. Customers quickly fell in love with these family-friendly models that facilitated comfortable and memorable trips.

Keep reading to learn more about this popular brand, then visit Day Bros. RV Sales to explore Forest River RVs for sale. We are a Forest River dealer based in London, Kentucky, and Lake Park, Georgia.

The History of Forest River RVs

Forest River began in 1996 out of a dream. The company founder, Peter Liegl, wanted to build high-quality models so that all types of families could enjoy comfortable outdoor adventures. After purchasing some assets of Cobra Industries, he started making his own models.

The first product line-up offered a high amount of variety, including options such as pop-up tent campers, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. These early models caught the attention of customers due to their quality and comfort, which led to impressive company growth and expansion of the product line. In 1998, the company even ventured into a new market with the launch of their pontoon boats. Forest River added more options over the years, including commercial vehicles and cargo trucks.

Eventually, Forest River grew large enough that they began acquiring other companies so that they could continue expanding into various markets. For example, in 2000, they acquired US Cargo, a utility trailer manufacturer. In 2005, Forest River was acquired by one of the largest holding companies in the world: Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

Forest River RVs Today

Visit a Forest River RV dealer and you’ll notice many unique traits of the product line.

High Standard of Manufacturing

Every Forest River camper is held to the company’s self-imposed high manufacturing standards. As each Forest River RV is being made, it goes through many inspections to ensure it meets the company’s high expectations.

Then random units are chosen for more testing at the 20,000 square foot pre-delivery inspection building. This testing checks for issues from electrical to aesthetic. The results are shared daily with the Forest River plants, giving them valuable feedback to help them continue crafting high-quality models.

Different Models Tailored for Different Needs

When you explore the inventory at a Forest River RV dealer, you’ll find a thorough line-up of models designed to meet a range of travel styles.

Maybe you want a budget-friendly model. Seek out compact Forest River campers that’ll cost less upfront, cost less in maintenance, and cost less to tow. Or maybe you need to comfortably fit a large group. Check out the Forest River RVs that offer plenty of sleeping accommodations and innovative layouts to make the most of the interior space. Maybe you want a luxury experience. Look at the Forest River campers that come with amenities such as a fireplace and entertainment system. It’s easy to find a Forest River camper that suits your travel lifestyle!

The Forest River Owners’ Group

When you purchase a Forest River camper, you get more than a new rig. You also get access to the Forest River Owners’ Group (FROG™). This organization was created in 2011 as a way to unite Forest River RV enthusiasts. Today, there are over 100,000 members! Participants can attend rallies and tours all across the country, sharing travel stories and giving each other RV advice. It’s a great way to share your love of travel, make new connections, and get access to valuable travel expertise!

Ready to shop Forest River campers for sale? Check out the selection at Day Bros. RV Sales. Our friendly staff can help you find the best model for your family’s travel style, so stop by and visit us today! We are a Forest River dealer offering two locations: one in London, Kentucky, and one in Lake Park, Georgia. Head over to your nearest dealership and find your perfect RV!

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