3 RV Tips for Camping in Bad Weather

With changing seasons comes changing forecast expectations! When you’re planning your fall camping trips in your new or used RV, one thing you can count on is enjoying the beautiful fall foliage of Kentucky and lower humidity (yay!). Fall can also bring more unpredictable weather from day to day, and it’s important to stay prepared. Here are a few RV tips for staying safe and dry during bad weather.

RV Tips

Plan and Pack for Rainy Days

Even if there’s no rain in the forecast, Kentucky weather can turn on a dime! Make sure to pack umbrellas, ponchos, and rain jackets in your camping gear. Additionally, pack a few extra changes of clothing and definitely several extra pairs of socks. Having something warm and dry to change into is essential for unexpected downpours!

RV Tips

Have an Indoor Contingency Plan

If you’re going camping, chances are you’re really looking forward to spending your time outdoors: nature hikes, kayaking, or taking a bike ride. But if storms ruin your plans, don’t get stuck! When you make your campground reservations, ask for some recommendations about local indoor recreation – like an aquarium or indoor climbing gym. That way, you can still head out (or in!) for fun even if it’s too soggy to take that bike ride you’d planned.

RV Tips

Safety Preparedness

Bad weather can happen in a hurry, and there’s no preventing it. There are a few ways you can help keep your kids and family safe, calm, and at peace during bad weather.

First, remember that you set the tone. Model peace of mind, even if you feel anxious. Make sure you have an emergency kit in your new or used RV that includes a first aid kit, an NOAA weather radio, and flashlights with extra batteries.

RV Tips

Ask us about off-the-grid packages for your RV that can help you maintain power even in the middle of an outage, and scout your campground’s facilities for their recommended storm shelter in case you have to relocate (and choose a campsite nearby).

Contact us today – we can help you shop for or finance an RV that has plenty of features that help you camp comfortably and safely all year long, even in rough weather!

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