Some Handy Motorhome Tire Advice

One of the most important parts of your motorhome is its set of tires. The tires maintain constant contact with the road and hold up the full weight of your motorhome with its cargo and passengers, so they take a real 7e5eec70-4958-4632-90b8-72f1461c0db6 beating over time. Driving on worn and neglected tires can lead to a dangerous blowout occurring on the highway that results in costly repairs, and you won’t get very good mileage even if you’re lucky enough to not have an accident of some kind.

So how do you care for those tires? Day Bros. RV Sales, with locations in London, KY, and Lake Park, GA, is your local motorhome dealer.

Here’s our professional advice on how to care for your motorhome’s tires to keep them in good condition and avoid costly premature replacements.

1. Make Sure They’re Correct

If you’ve had your motorhome for a while and it’s time to replace tires, make sure to use the correct type of tire for your specific make and model. This information can be found on the sidewall of your tire or in your motorhome owner’s manual. You do not want to purchase tires designed for a smaller vehicle since they won’t be able to support the full weight of your motorhome safely.

When replacing tires, go with a reputable brand that’s well-known to ensure safety. Also, use the same brand and type of tire for each wheel, rather than mixing and matching. Do not buy used tires! Yes, new tires are expensive, but repairing your motorhome after you’ve skidded on the axle due to a tire blowout is even more expensive.

2. Air Your Tires Up

Your owner’s manual or the sidewall of your tire will also tell you another important piece of information: the correct psi level for your tire. “Psi” stands for “pounds per square inch” and it’s a measurement of the air pressure in your tire. Driving on low-pressure tires results in reduced fuel economy and poor response time. Always check your tire pressure before a trip and air up your tires to the correct levels. Check tire pressure when the tires are cold for the most accurate reading.

3. Keep a Spare Handy

Even if you do everything right, you still may suffer a flat tire at some point. Always have a good-quality spare tire that’s the same brand as your other tires ready to go. Pack a tire repair kit and a jack to make sure you can change out your bad tire quickly and easily without having to call a tow truck.

In search of motorhome parts? The Day Bros. RV Sales parts department is where you’ll find a wide selection of great motorhome parts to improve your RV. If you’re looking to buy a new model, visit one of our dealerships in Georgia or Kentucky to check out our current stock of new and used motorhomes for sale. Day Bros. RV Sales proudly serves Louisville and Lexington, KY, as well as Valdosta, GA.

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