RV Tips for Spending the Holidays in Your RV

RV camping during Christmas can be a unique and memorable experience! If you’ll be spending the holidays in your new or used RV, here are some RV tips to make it enjoyable, fun, and unforgettable!


Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you can’t put up some festive decorations! It’ll help bring a little holiday cheer to your RV. You might want to consider scaling back on the amount of décor, but you can still create a festive atmosphere. Put a wreath on the door, hang a garland with shatterproof ornaments, let the kids put festive window-cling jellies on the windows, and string Christmas lights on the awning. Don’t forget a mini tabletop tree!

RV Tips


Check with your campground (if you’ll be staying in one) to see if they have any festive activities. Or check the events page of the Chamber of Commerce in your destination town. Perhaps there’s a Christmas choral concert, a parade, fireworks, or even opportunities to serve at a shelter or soup kitchen. Let your heart be full of the spirit of Christmas and get involved in doing something wherever you are!

RV Tips

Keep the Traditions You Love

If there are some Christmas traditions you love and can’t go without…don’t! Maybe you have a traditional Christmas movie you like to watch on Christmas Eve, or a certain meal you love to prepare. Slight modifications might be needed, but if it’s a standing tradition that’s important to you, find a way to take it on the road!

RV Tips

Stay Warm

Make winter the warmest season by packing appropriately! You’ll want to add some festive throw blankets to your RV’s furniture, and maybe add a space heater or two in any room that the fireplace doesn’t heat. And don’t forget warm socks and fuzzy slippers, clothes you can easily layer, and an assortment of hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and cider to sip on!

RV Tips

Traveling over the holidays can be fun and enjoyable – you just need to plan appropriately for the weather, meals, and social activities. Contact us today! We can schedule an RV service appointment so your road trip preparations also include making sure your RV is road-ready!

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