Making Friends On The Road

Traveling in your recreational vehicle is an exhilarating experience that shows you new things every single day! You’ll see new sights, taste new foods and meet new people. But how do you take those casual acquaintances from strangers to friends? Life on the road can get lonely when your friends and family are hundreds or thousands of miles away and you never see the same person twice. You start to miss old neighbors, colleagues and even the person who made you a latte every morning at the nearby coffee shop.

But you can eliminate those feelings of isolation if you put in a bit of effort! Making friends on the road can be extremely rewarding and helps you to stay connected and content. Day Bros. RV London is your Bluegrass State RV dealer. We want you to have an enjoyable social experience even when you’re traveling, so here are our suggestions on how to expand your circle of friends while you’re on the move!

Use Enticing Conversation Starters

First off, do away with the standard small-talk greetings that end up going nowhere and leaving both parties feeling awkward after only a few minutes. Jump into something deeper by connecting on a different level. Prepare a pot of coffee or tea and invite passersby at the campsite to join you for a hot drink, or keep a cooler of sodas handy to offer out. If you have a pet, take him for a walk and let others fawn over your cat, dog or bunny and show you their photos of their own pets. Wear a shirt featuring your favorite band or movie and see if anyone comments upon it and wants to discuss the best album or other films in the series.

Leave Your RV

You’ll never make any friends if you’re inside your camper all the time, peering out the window. Pull out your awning and set up a folding table and chairs, or sit by your campfire. You could set up a jigsaw puzzle or have a deck of cards handy, or you can have a s’mores kit ready with sticks for anyone to impale a marshmallow upon. If you’re out and about, you’re much more likely to meet folks.

Another place you might want to spend some time is inside a rec room or a pavilion on the campsite. Bring a favorite board game or take your hobby with you. If you’re knitting, doing embroidery, sketching, journaling or even assembling a LEGO kit, you’re bound to have someone stop by to admire your work and even discuss their own shared interests with you. Check to see whether there are regular gatherings in the evenings or look for a game room that has ping-pong or air hockey or find a tennis or basketball court—you could make a friend this way, too!

Stay In Touch

Once you’ve fostered a connection with someone, you’ll want to keep things going. Chances are pretty good that one or both of you will be departing soon for the next stop on your itinerary. Exchange phone numbers, social media handles or e-mail addresses. If you’re more old-school, you could swap P.O. box addresses and send each other postcards! But it’s more likely that an Instagram or Twitter will keep you both chatting and invested in one another’s lives. Try to make plans to meet up at another spot—if you share your travel itineraries, then you may discover you’re both planning to hit up a nearby town or attraction around the same time and you can enjoy it together!

Making friends on the road is an enjoyable way to bond while you’re far from home. Ready to check out RVs for sale near Louisville? Come see us at our location in London, Kentucky, to tour our current stock of new and used RVs. Day Bros. RV London also proudly serves the city of Lexington, Kentucky.

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