Don’t Forget These Essential RV Maintenance Tips Before Your Next Trip

Back in the days when you and your family took roadtrips in cars, you probably gave your vehicle a once-over and performed some basic checks to make sure it was going to make it to your destination and home again. Now that you’re traveling in an RV, you’ll still want to perform some basic checks to ensure your rig is going to make it the trip without any major incidents (none that could be avoided, anyway). We’ve provided the top checks you’ll want to perform before hitting the road, so make sure you put them on your to-do list, especially if this will be your first RV trip.

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First: Grab Your Manual

Your owner’s manual provides key information about your specific model that you won’t find in this guide. It should be your primary resource when performing any maintenance on your camper. It provides information on parts, best practices, and sometimes even recommends certain products.


With your owner’s manual in hand, the best thing you can do for your RV is perform a thorough inspection, top to bottom, inside and out, in every nook and cranny. Get on your hands and knees if you have to and feel parts of your RV with your fingers in search of signs that there’s a small repair that could create a big problem. This could be natural wear and tear, damage, or even just excess grime and dirt.

Inside the RV

When you step inside the camper, you’ll want to perform the same kind of thorough inspection you gave the outside, although this time, you’ll want to look for signs of water damage, as well as other basic concerns. If you’ve had your RV in storage for the cold months, look for signs of critter infestation.


Hook up your RV to a power source and run all your appliances for a short time. You’ll want to look for signs of poor performance, as well as listen and smell them. Any small cue can signal a bigger problem is waiting to strike at the worst possible moment.

Got a Drivetrain?

For those of you working with a drivetrain, think about all those important engine checks you’d perform on your old road trip vehicle and apply that knowledge to your RV. Check all fluid levels, filters, and even take your rig for a little test ride to ensure it’s still running the way it should.

Tire Check

Your RV tires are just as important as your car tires, and they need to be checked before you hit the road. Go back to that owner’s manual of yours and make sure the tire pressure you’re seeing with your model matches what the manufacturer recommends. Also, while you’re down there, look for signs of excessive wear and tear or damage. Even if your RV provides you with real-time updates on your tires, getting up close and personal should still be on your pre-trip checklist.

The Roof

Not everyone thinks to check their roof for damage. In fact, sometimes we just assume everything’s all fine and dandy. But neglect over time can create a situation that’s increasingly less fine and dandy. Inspect the roof before hitting the road and clean it off as needed. Something as simple as a good cleaning can go a long way.

As you’re looking over your camper, we expect you’ll occasionally run into a problem. Some problems you can fix all on your own. Others might be a little tougher. When that happens, contact your local RV dealer, Day Bros. RV Sales in London, Kentucky, and we’ll help you get ready for your first trip of the season. We also have a wide selection of RVs for sale near Lexington, Louisville, and Bowling Green, as well as Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee.

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