Cleaning Your RV

A clean RV is a happy RV. Or, at the very least, it’s a happy RVer. You take time to clean your home, so since your RV is your home away from home, you’ll want to take some time to clean it, too. This can be a big6bfc20ce-7b33-473b-b782-50d8d26bbf86 task, though, so Day Bros. RV Sales has provided you with a guide to make this a little easier. You can also contact our RV dealership in London, Kentucky, serving Lexington and Louisville, or Lake Park, GA serving Valdosta and Atlanta, to get some personal tips from our friendly staff.


Firstly, it might be easier to gather all your supplies now so you can figure out if you need to run to the store. Think about what you’ll be cleaning to help you figure out what you need, but we’ve provided a few essentials under each section to get you started.


  • Supplies: Toilet bowl cleaner, toilet brush (optional), paper towel, window cleaner, wet wipes, broom, mop, multi-surface cleaner, rubber gloves

An RV bathroom can get pretty dirty, pretty quickly. You’ll want to clean it every week or two. The toilet might need to be cleaned more often.

When you’re trying to save space, try to find products that can be easily stored and serve multiple purposes. If you don’t have room for a toilet brush, then using paper towels can be a good alternative, or you can find a brush that’s built for RVs, so it’s nice and compact. When you’re done cleaning the toilet, you might want to flush and refill a few times to ensure all the product has gone down the drain.

Make sure all the products you use are safe for RV bathrooms to avoid damaging any of the amenities and surfaces.


  • Supplies: Wet cloth, wet wipes, baking soda, water

Wipe down the surfaces of your RV kitchen on a daily basis to keep grime and bacteria from growing. Regularly doing dishes will also help with keeping the kitchen clean and clutter-free. Clean out your pantry periodically to remove expired food, as well as your fridge.

If you notice buildup on your stove or oven, you can mix water and baking soda to create a paste you can apply to these surfaces. Let it sit overnight and wipe off and rinse in the morning.


  • Supplies: Baking soda, vacuum, essential oils (optional), laundry supplies

Over time, your mattress will start to gather odor and bacteria that you can clean by sprinkling baking soda on it and letting it sit. Then vacuum it up and add essential oils for an extra fresh scent.

Wash your pillows and sheets regularly, and keep extra linens handy. Try to keep clutter to a minimum by putting laundry away promptly.

Living Room

  • Supplies: Duster, sufficient storage, wet wipes, rubbing alcohol, cleaning brush

You’ll want to dust your surfaces regularly to keep particles from irritating sensitive respiratory systems. Encourage everyone in the camper to put away their things when they’re not in use and wipe or brush down couches and chairs. Microfiber coverings can be cleaned by spraying rubbing alcohol and scrubbing lightly.


  • Supplies: Vacuum, carpet cleaner, mop, broom, wet wipes

Cleaning your floor will depend on the kind of flooring you have. If you have vinyl or other hard floor, you’ll need a broom and mop to keep this clean. On shorter trips, you can probably get away with wet wipes for spot cleaning.

If you have carpet, then you might need a vacuum. Smaller vacuums might take longer to get the job done, but they’re the best option when you’re trying to save space. You might also want carpet cleaner handy for muddy stains.

These are just a few ways you can keep your RV clean. There are lots of tasks to get done when it comes to keeping your camper tidy, but first, you’ll need the camper! If you’re still looking for the right rig for you, shop with Day Bros. RV Sales (London) to check out our RVs for sale near Lexington, and Louisville, or Day Bros. RV of Georgia (Lake Park) to check out our RVs for sale near Valdosta, and Atlanta!

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