A Guide to Internet Packages and Devices for Your Motorhome

Even though most of us consider our motorhome adventures to be a great opportunity to unplug from the world and relax, internet connectivity is still a necessity in this day and age for a variety of reasons. Perhaps 5c4e9e4d-aaa0-4af2-91e5-38aef53b2823 you work from your motorhome or you want to ensure you have the internet for an emergency or you simply want the option to catch up on Netflix shows when it’s too rainy to go hiking.

Whatever it is you need the internet for, you’ll probably want to invest in a device or data package of some kind to get it. Sure, many RV campgrounds offer free WiFi, but it’s often patchy, insecure and easily overloaded by heavy usage, so having your own option is best.

Day Bros. RV Sales, with locations in London, KY, and Lake Park, GA, is your local motorhome dealer. Below, you’ll find a guide to internet devices and data packages that will help you stay connected no matter where you go.

Limited & Unlimited Data Plans

Your cell phone carrier is a good place to start when looking for mobile internet options. Generally, you can choose between limited and unlimited data plans with a carrier, depending on your usage needs.

Limited data plans require you to buy a chunk of data, usually several gigabytes at a time for a set rate. You can also get separate data plans for regular communication usage and streaming.

Unlimited data plans are a good option if you end up with usage overages every month, but they will cost more. T-Mobile offers three different unlimited data plans, for example, as does AT&T. There are always limitations, however, so be aware of whether your data may be throttled after you go over a set data point each month.

4G Vs. 5G

Bandwidth is a huge concern for heavier internet usage because of the sheer amount of data that needs to be transferred. While 5G is relatively new, it is beginning to proliferate across the country as an option. 5G speeds will reach up to 10 gigabits/second versus 4G speeds of no more than 250 megabits/second. 4G will work for light internet usage, but videos, streams and gaming will require 5G.

Mobile Device Hotspot

Those who use streaming services and require a lot of data will be best served with a mobile hotspot device joined up to a cell phone carrier. These devices take in a cellular data signal and broadcast it as a WiFi hotspot so that several devices can access the internet at once. You’ll probably need to purchase additional data plans for your hotspot specifically.

If you’re looking to buy a new motorhome, you can visit one of our dealerships in Georgia or Kentucky to see our full inventory of new and used motorhomes for sale. Day Bros. RV Sales proudly serves the cities of Lexington and Louisville, KY, as well as the city of Valdosta, GA.

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