4 RV Tips for Camping with Babies and Toddlers

When our kids were little, we weren’t sure if we could continue to go camping as frequently as we had enjoyed prior to becoming parents. But with some thoughtful planning and preparation, as well as a bit of trial and error, we figured out how to camp comfortably and enjoyably with our little ones – sometimes as young as 6 months old! Here are some RV tips for camping with babies and toddlers.

Camping with Babies

Safety First

Make sure you have a working carbon monoxide and smoke detector, as well as a fire extinguisher. You’ll also want to make sure your new or used RV has features like a rearview camera and electronic braking system. One essential feature you’ll want in a motor home is adequate seatbelts for everyone (and that can accommodate any car seat needs your child has).

Babyproofing the RV really doesn’t take more effort than what you already do for your home. Utilize outlet covers and drawer/cupboard latches, and utilize a baby gate where necessary. Your new or used RV’s interior space probably isn’t as familiar to your kiddo as your everyday home, so be mindful of the spaces they’ll want to explore. Babyproofing your RV also means storing all gear out of the way, from fishing gear to cleaning supplies to the first aid kit.

Baby Carriers and Gear

This is a great time to invest in a baby carrier that you can strap on like a backpack, or a woven baby wrap that can be tied or worn in a variety of ways. Hiking trails may not be especially friendly to drag along punkin seats or push a stroller.

Camping with Babies

You’ll also want to think about the space your baby gear takes up. Playpens and strollers are still essential traveling items, but they take up space. We can help you pick out an RV with great storage options. You may even want to consider traveling with a toy hauler because of the enormous amount of traveling storage space the garage affords you! You can bring all of your outdoor cargo as well as the essential baby stuff you need to bring.

Kid-Friendly Campsite

It’s a fact of life: babies and toddlers explore and learn about the world around them by putting things in their mouths. To help make sure your campsite is baby friendly, utilize that playpen! Make sure it’s level, far enough from the campfire to not be popped or hit with any ashes, and in a shaded area so they’re not stuck getting a sunburn or overheated. As an extra barrier against the elements, utilize a mosquito tent.

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Or, again, skip packing a playpen altogether and utilize the “party deck” features that come loaded on many toy haulers!

Minimize Disruptions

Do you use any kind of schedule or routine at home? Is your child used to naps and snacks at regular intervals? Camping can be a fun adventure, but try to be mindful of those routines that provide a sense of safety and security. Don’t skip naptime. Take snacks with you during your afternoon outing. Even if it means shortening your afternoon or morning plans, making modifications to help everyone stay happy will make your camping trip with toddlers a lot more pleasant.

Camping with Babies

These are just a few RV tips for camping with toddlers and babies a bit easier. Stop in today – we can help you walk through some ideal, family-friendly units, including options with private bunkhouses to make naptime easy. Contact us for help picking out the right new or used RV to help keep your vacation at low levels of stress and high levels of fun!

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