3 RV Tips for Camping in Cold Weather

Spring may be right around the corner, but it still seems so far away! Why not just get a head start on your 2023 adventures by packing up your new or used RV for a winter camping trip? Check out our RV tips for camping in cold weather below!

RV Tips for Cold Weather Camping

Check the Forecast

Okay – this one may seem obvious. But we Kentuckians know that you can easily experience all four seasons and all the curve balls Mother Nature feels like throwing within a 36 hour window. Knowing the climate of where you’re going should inform how you pack. You might be able to get away with packing and dressing in layers if it’s mild enough, but other climates are more severe and you’ll want heavy outdoor clothing. Always, always pack extra base layers, hats, socks, and gloves, no matter where you go. Unless it’s Miami.

RV Tips for Cold Weather Camping

Exterior Check

Many RVs these days are pre-loaded with all-weather insulation packages that allow you to camp comfortably no matter the season and stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, you’ll want to do an exterior check while dewinterizing your RV. Keep an eye out for leaks and cracks in the seals, roof, etc. and contact us right away. We can schedule the RV service you need before you get on the road.

Interior Prep

Winter is that wonderful time of year when muddy, snowy boots track in dirt all over the floor and leave little piles of melting, dirty ice. So fun! (Not.) Think about the flooring in your RV. Invest in a good, absorbent welcome mat to keep just inside the door. If your RV’s flooring is predominantly linoleum or vinyl, you may also want to keep a few “junk towels” on hand to quickly wipe up puddles, or a space heater to stick in the living area or bedroom. Nothing beats having warm and cozy sock or slippered feet – on a dry floor that’s not sabotaging you with puddles to step in!

RV Tips for Cold Weather Camping

You can also prep your RV interior by using its pass-through or underbed storage options to pack extra cozy supplies, like fuzzy blankets for the sofa in the living room. Stash hot cocoa and other warm drink mixes in your RV’s kitchen pantry to warm you up after a cold afternoon, and plan on simple, “heat and eat” meal options like oatmeal for breakfast and canned soup with crackers for lunch.

RV Tips for Cold Weather Camping

Finally, keeping an all-weather emergency kit is absolutely essential. This should include the following items:

  • Solar charger pack for your phone and other devices
  • Reusable or disposable heating packs
  • Weather radio
  • Flashlights with spare batteries
  • Bottled water and some packaged snacks
  • Reflective foil blankets

This emergency prep kit is just an easy, inexpensive way to invest in your peace of mind while on the road. We can also add to that peace of mind by helping you dewinterize your RV or helping you with any RV service before you get on the road. Contact us today!

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